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11/06/2018 Press

Pegorin (AGF88 Holding): “EBITDA increases to 25% in 2017”

Pegorin (Agf88 Holding): “L’ebitda 2017 sale al 25%”

“Everything’s going really well and we’re extremely pleased with how our products are doing. The fact that they’re all made in Italy in our own factories gives us a real edge.” Things are looking rosy for AGF88 Holding, as CEO Federico Pegorin explained during the 2nd Pambianco Beauty Summit, which was organized in partnership con Condé Nast Italy at the headquarters of the Italian stock exchange. As well as Pettenon Cosmetics, names such as G&P, Onetech, Biocosm’Ethics, Beauty Application, Exco&Partners, Beauty Logistik and Pettenon North America are all part of AGF88 Holding. The group experienced double-digit growth last year and posted a total of €110 million in turnover, with EBITDA at 25% of this figure. “The good profitability is a direct consequence of the satisfaction of our customers,” Pegorin told Pambianco TV. “It’s like when you go to a restaurant: if you like what you eat, the food is good and the price is right, you’ll definitely go back!”

The group works in both professional haircare and professional skincare and it has three production sites, each of which specializes in a specific area (targeted hair care, hair colouring and cosmetic skincare). Its products are available in 100 different countries and 64% of its turnover comes from outside Italy. “Our biggest foreign market is Europe, due to the currency and its proximity, which also makes transport easy,” continued the CEO. “We are also very pleased with how things are going in the USA – where we have opened our own branch – and in South America.”

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