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11/06/2018 Press

Italian and international Professional Hair and Skin Care group AGF88 Holding is showcased at the 2018 Pambianco Beauty Summit

AGF88 Holding’s CEO Federico Pegorin took to the stage at the Pambianco Beauty Summit to present the group, which is one of the leading names in Italian Professional Hair and Skin Care in Italy and Worldwide.

intervista CEO Federico Pegorin Pambianco 2018

At the second Pambianco Summit for the Beauty industry, one of the guests interviewed by the journalist Nicola Porro was Federico Pegorin, the CEO of AGF88 Holding. He was there representing the group, which is one of the leading names in Italian Professional Hair and Skin Care in Italy and worldwide, with a turnover of €110 million. AGF88 Holding flies the “Made in Italy” flag high in the world of cosmetics and its diversified brands are available through three distribution channels.
Group CEO Pegorin told a story of vast experience in the beauty industry and mentioned his father Arturo and brother Gianni, whose names hold the secret to the initials in “AGF88”. The number “88” is a reference to a year that is very important to them, because the Pegorin family launched their own beauty business back in 1988. However, the tale stretches back further in time to 1946 and the founding of what is known today as Pettenon Cosmetics SpA. It is now part of the AGF88 Holding group, but back then it was a small artisan company founded by Mario Pettenon, after whom it is still named today. From the very beginning, Pettenon could count on the support of Arturo Pegorin.
Under the management of the Pegorin family, the artisan firm grew into a joint-stock company with turnover of more than €75 million. Building on its experience, AGF88 Holding was launched. In addition to the Pettenon Cosmetics liquid production facilities in San Martino di Lupari, the group boasts two more specialist sites: G&P for professional colouring solutions and Biocosm’ethics for skin care with a green approach.

AGF88 Holding is renowned for its outstanding customization and positioning capabilities. Its selection ranges from the luxury brand Alter Ego Italy and Professional Hair Care solutions by Salon Exclusive to Fanola, Inebrya and Echosline (which target specialist channels but are also accessible to end customers) and on to mass market goods. The group draws on its experience and vast knowledge of the market and its needs to provide comprehensive contract manufacturing services. As the CEO underlines, it takes the same great care in this sphere as it does over its own brands.
Private label solutions mean that customers can be offered a comprehensive portfolio of products to cater to the needs of the target market. The products are 100% made in Italy and the 360° service covers everything from developing products in the company laboratories (there are no fewer than eight of them in-house) to strategic marketing, design and packaging, to name just a few aspects.
As well as segmentation and diversification in the range, AGF88 Holding is renowned for its outstanding flexibility and reliability. These qualities stem from its expertise of the national and international market in which it is positioned. It has a clear calling for internationalization, with 64% of its business coming from outside Italy.

“We’re continuing to invest in our brands because we firmly believe that the professional quality and service that we offer make us a reliable partner in the world of beauty products,” stated Federico Pegorin, CEO of AGF88 Holding. “We recently opened a distribution site in the USA called Pettenon North America. It is the first step in the process of establishing a solid global presence with our own operating head office to run the distribution network directly, rather than relying on importers. We are always present at all of the main international trade fairs in the field. It is one of the ways in which we support our customers and it also helps us to analyse and gain a better understanding of the industry’s requirements.”

We are constantly seeking out new markets where we can establish fresh ties and seize business opportunities both with private labels and with our own brands. As we have shown over time, acquisitions play a key strategic role in our way of doing business.

“We favour the approach of buying manufacturers that boast consolidated know-how that they have built up over the years, as well as certified processes if possible and all of the expertise needed to give guaranteed results,” continued the CEO Pegorin. “The same applies for brand acquisitions: if we see that an acquisition presents an interesting opportunity to complement our brand portfolio and enter different channels, we will definitely take it into consideration, no matter whether it is in Italy or elsewhere.”