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11/06/2018 News Event Press

AGF88 Holding heads to Malta to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the internationally renowned brand ALTER EGO ITALY

ALTER EGO ITALY is turning 30. Having gone from a niche brand to an internationally renowned name, the AGF88 Group’s flagship label will be celebrating its success in Malta from 27 to 30 May.

AGF88 Holding is in Malta to celebrate ALTER EGO ITALY, which has established itself as an internationally renowned brand. Alter Ego Italy was built on solid foundations when Arturo Pegorin launched it in 1988 alongside his sons Gianni and Federico: 30 years of experience in the cosmetics industry and an ability to make the most of significant heritage, grasp the current state of affairs and predict future developments. It is now known as the flagship professional hair care brand of AGF88 Holding: an Italian specialist Professional Hair & Skin Care group with Gianni and Federico at the helm. It is a highly specialized player with great expertise in the field and included among its companies is Pettenon Cosmetics SpA, which has been one of the leading producers of professional hair care and beauty products for over 70 years.

“I had the idea of launching a brand for exclusive professional products in 1988,” recalled Federico Pegorin, who is now the CEO of AGF88 Holding. “But we could never have imagined that we would experience such quick, substantial growth, meaning that we can successfully celebrate the 30th anniversary this year with a modern, refined and prestigious image that makes us a worthy competitor in the international arena.”

Federico Pegorin, CEO AGF88 Holding

Federico Pegorin, CEO AGF88 Holding​

Over the years, the brand has proved increasingly popular on the international scene. It is all thanks to its 100% Italian history steeped in tradition and specific values that have been handed down from one generation to the next, such as dedication to quality, attention to detail and constantly seeking out innovation and fresh creative inspiration. This is reflected in the range of cutting-edge products, which is regularly updated to cater to ever greater demand from the market and consumers.

Ever since the brand was launched, the company has pursued the mission of inspiring creativity with regular training, innovative tools and high-performance products in order to pave the way to development and success for professional salons all over the world. Hence the decision in 2013 to create Team Akademìa: the first Alter Ego Italy artistic group, featuring tutors with many years of experience in the world of hair styling and fashion. In addition, the new Salon Akademy for Alter Ego Italy Training and Motivation courses was opened. It boasts intensive training and workshop facilities spanning more than 300 m².

The brand is constantly growing and never tires of reinventing itself or ceaselessly searching for new trends. Consequently, Leonardo Rizzo was the natural choice as the Creative Director of Alter Ego Italy. He had the following to say: “As the Creative Director, I believe that we have the capacity not only to create spectacular looks but also – and much more significantly – to inspire others and succeed in sharing new ideas and techniques.”

Today, 30 years on, Italian excellence and entrepreneurialism continue to inspire the business decisions made by AGF88 Holding and it still has the mission of passionately, unceasingly channelling the philosophy of an innovative brand with strong heritage. Alter Ego Italy aims to make salons increasingly loyal and win the hearts of end customers with lines of targeted products that have been created to satisfy the needs of hair stylists and experts in the field, from highly refined colouring products to styling solutions and treatment lines that have been formulated for specific daily hair beauty routines.

“We believe that we have put together a great mix,” underlined Nicoletta Peruzzo, the Brand Director of Alter Ego Italy. “We have a range of cutting-edge, superior products and we can count on a solid team that works behind the scenes with passion and dedication. That is what Alter Ego Italy is all about and it is where our strength lies. We are proud to have reached this important milestone thanks to marvellous evolution by the brand and we will all celebrate together in Malta at the end of May.”

To mark its 30th anniversary, Alter Ego Italy has organized a three-day international convention packed with training, creativity and fun from 27 to 30 May in Malta.

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AGF88 Holding

AGF88 Holding is a leading Italian cosmetics group and a top global player in the Italian and international Professional Hair & Skin Care market. It is based in San Martino di Lupari near the Italian city of Padua and although it was founded fairly recently, brothers Gianni and Federico Pegorin (the President and CEO respectively) have 30 years of experience in professional cosmetics, while their father Arturo has been in the trade for 70 years. In 1988 Gianni and Federico launched Alter Ego Italy – a brand exclusively for hair salons – and laid the foundations for their subsequent success. The AGF88 Holding Group is now present in more than 100 countries and five continents. Thanks to its in-house R&D laboratories, its technical product testing centres and a production process that all takes place in Italy, the company is renowned for its reliability on the beauty scene.