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For the Pegorin brothers, entrepreneurship and doing business mean bringing out the best of the beauty all around us, not only through professional cosmetics but also with tangible efforts on the social front.


The "Città della Speranza" Foundation was founded on 16 December 1994 in memory of Massimo, a child who died from leukaemia. The primary objective of the Foundation was to collect funds to build a new and modern paediatric oncohematology department. The existing department was entirely inadequate and unsuitable to accommodate sick children and their families in a dignified manner. Franco Masello, Virginio Zilio, Carlo Mazzocco and Prof. Luigi Zanesco, who at the time was the Director of the Paediatric Oncohematology Clinic in Padua, Veneto, became sponsors of the project and succeeded in involving businesses and individuals to collect the capital needed to build the new facility, which was inaugurated in 1996. Today, the Paediatric Oncohematology Clinic, managed by Prof. Giuseppe Basso, is connected to the most important centres in Italy and around the world. Thanks to funds from Città della Speranza, it is now the national reference centre for diagnosing acute leukaemia and the molecular characterisation of lymphomas and sarcomas. It is also the coordination centre of national and European protocols for the diagnosis and treatment of lymphomas, sarcomas, brain and liver tumours and rare tumours. Since 2014, the clinic has been the regional paediatric oncology coordinating centre in the Veneto region. The foundation invests about 2 million Euro a year in scientific research and has set up an International Scientific Committee that evaluates the projects to be financed.


"I Bambini delle Fate" is a non-profit foundation that funds social projects that are managed by parent associations, health authorities or hospitals and are intended for children and youngsters with autism and disabilities. This is made possible thanks to the support of companies and individuals in the territory. The foundation exclusively finances projects of associations, organisations and hospitals, whose beneficiaries are children with autism and disabilities and their families. The funded projects implement rehabilitative and social inclusion interventions that improve the lives of those affected by autism and disabilities and guarantee relief to the families.


"Groppo Polis" unites five social cooperatives in Padua that have been helping people in difficulty for over 25 years. They provide educational, rehabilitative, residential and employment services by promoting job placement of disadvantaged people and supporting the culture of acceptance, inclusion and solidarity. For some years now, a protected welcoming service has been in place together with a social-work tutoring service for women who are victims of violence and trafficking.